The Michigan State Police are required to report trends in methamphetamine manufacture, use, and production to the Michigan Legislature.

This year's report includes a map showing where meth labs were found in 2014.

There were 494 meth labs seized in 2014, that's 143 more than 2013.

Total meth-related complaints including laboratories, dump sites, and glassware seizures, were 553 in 2012, 641 in 2013, and 861 in 2014. The previous high was set in 2010 with 760.

The report also talks about how meth producers use "smurfers" (people who purchase small amounts of needed ingredients) to get around monitoring systems. In 2011, Michigan began real-time electronic tracking of retail sales of products containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.

Manufacturers of meth will also often use false names on prescriptions.

The Michigan State Police recommended to the legislature to continue to close loopholes in current laws while monitoring trends in the manufacture, distribution and possession of meth.