A Michigan man who tried to steal a Coast Guard helicopter to release Covid-19 patients from the hospital found out his punishment today in a Bay County Circuit courtroom.

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72-year-old Jesse McFadden was given one year of probation by Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph K. Sheeran for what he did on May 17th, 2020.

Michigan Man Sentenced For Trying To Steal Coast Guard Helicopter

According to Mlive Jesse McFadden, a former military helicopter pilot called Arenac County Central Dispatch to says he was coming to shoot up staff there and was going “to quarantine them.” McFadden also said he was going to a Standish hospital to shoot out the power and demand keys to ambulances.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

McFadden went on to say he was going to the U.S. Coast Guard Station Saginaw River in Essexville to get a helicopter or a boat.

A US Coast Guard boat patrols the ocean.
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Later that morning, just after 11:00 am, Jesse McFadden arrived at the Coast Guard station and tried entering a code at the gate. When he was unable to get in, he had a conversation through a gate speaker with personnel inside and threatened to ram the gate.

A few hours later the police caught up with McFadden at a gas station and after a brief struggle, he was taken into custody.

During today's sentencing, the judge told McFadden:

I want you to address your mental health issues, That’s the primary focus of this probation. Your lawyers explained your condition and I understand it, but you were suffering from some delusions here, really. It’s important you take some steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again by addressing those mental health issues. You want to do that?


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