Help is on the way from a man from northern Michigan to individuals who were touched by tornadoes in the southern United States over the weekend.

Timothy Baise boarded a plane loaded with toys and flew to Mayfield, Kentucky.

He is the President of Homeless Angels, a Lansing-based street outreach.

He spoke with the manager of the Mayfield Airport about what he should give to help individuals devastated by the tornadoes while he was at the organization's toy drive this past weekend.

He couldn't believe it when the man urged him to send only toys, while being surrounded by thousands of them.

"There's hundreds of houses that are just destroyed. There's no way these families are going to be able to get anything for these children. Toys, I mean I had goosebumps, I almost couldn't breathe, right? I started like blowing up because I'm in the middle of this," Baise told "He had no idea who I was or what we were doing at the time and he said toys. All I could say is 'I'll be there tomorrow."

So Baise loaded up his plane with as many toys as he could fit, around 1000 toys by his estimation, and he flew them down to Kentucky to give to children that have lost everything and might not otherwise be getting anything for Christmas.

At least 90 people were killed and many are still missing following last week's tornadoes, which destroyed hundreds of homes in the Mayfield, KY area. Some residents have taken to camping at a nearby state park after losing their homes.

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