Jesse Nagy's 4-year-old niece Izzy was a little apprehensive about wearing her princess dress in public, so her uncle did something amazing for her.

The actor, who hails from Michigan, told ABC News that he and Izzy had planned to see Cinderella together, and when he learned that she was nervous about wearing the dress he wanted to make her more comfortable. So, he did what he says "anybody else would do", and donned his own princess dress for their movie date. 

Shortly after the two made it to the theater, an employee posted a photo of Nagy and Izzy on Reddit where it quickly racked up over 1.7 million views.

Before the two had even finished watching the movie, Nagy's phone started blowing up with calls and messages from friends and family who had seen the photo going viral on social media.

Twitter users who have heard about the story and seen the photo have started the hashtag #GetJesseOnEllen in hopes of getting Nagy more national attention.

Nagy said that he'd definitely wear a princess dress in public again, if it's what makes Izzy happy.

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