With the launch of new Ghostbusters-themed instant tickets from the Michigan Lottery, the state's lottery has entered a new era with scratch-off tickets.

The tickets were first released in late September 2023 and sell of $5 each. There are 4 different ticket designs all with characters from the Ghostbusters franchise like Slimer, the Ecto-1 vehicle and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

The tickets were designed by Infinity Instants, an arm of gaming industry giant IGT (if you've ever pulled a handle on a one-armed bandit at a casino, you've likely played an IGT machine).

The innovation that is a first for the Michigan Lottery, and will likely be duplicated? The tickets are printed in full, vibrant color under the scratch-off material. Historically the 'play area' of instant ticktes are a monotone black ink. No more with the Ghostbusters tickets. Check out this video showcasing the look of the tickets.

Now that's you've seen the tickets, here's what the Lottery says in their news release on the tickets:

For the first time ever on a Michigan Lottery instant game, the symbols, and numbers under the scratch material in the play area will be printed in full color.

Industry publication La Fleur's says the full color design was specially made by IGT for the Michigan Lottery. Other states have Ghostbusters-themed tickets but none are the full color version Michigan now features.

Ghostbusters lottery tickets aren't the only Michigan thing related to the movie franchise. The movie's iconic theme song was performed by Michigan native Ray Parker, Jr.

It's likely that the Michigan Lottery will see more full color tickets in the future as well as tickets with pop culture IP. In neighboring Indiana, the Hoosier lottery features scratch off tickets themed for the 80s video game Frogger and the iconic game show Wheel of Fortune.

The Michigan Lottery's Ghostbusters game features a top prize of $500,000. A dollar amount no one would turn down, but nowhere near the largest jackpots in history. Check out these wallet-busters:

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