A Mesick man is in jail today after he strangled another man in a fight over leeks. Leeks. You know, the onion like root that you can buy for two bucks at Meijer.This is really not a surprising story if you've ever lived in Northern Michigan.

During my time living up north, I saw folks fight over morels, snowmobile keys, and, of course, who got to make the s'mores by the campfire. All of these fights were fueled by generous amounts of alcohol.

It seems Gene Crandall of Mesick owed money for some wild leeks harvested by Martin Shafer, also of Mesick. Shafer asked for his money, and Crandall elected not to pay him. Fisticuffs ensued and soon Crandall was trying to choke out Shafer, but luckily a bystander turned the hose on them both, breaking up the fight.

Crandall was later found by Michigan State Police hiding in the woods by police dogs and charged with assault. Shafer was also charged in the incident, for having thrown the first punch.

No word as to whether alcohol was involved or what happened to the wild leeks or how much Shafer was seeking for them.

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