Some ladies have it, and she's one of those ladies.  Michelle was a guest on The Today Show with Matt Lauer.  She covered a lot of different issues but  the thing that was drawing a lot of attention, as it always does, is her sense of style and fashion. 

Nice to see in this economy that she's not blowing thousands of dollars on ALL of her outfits.  This one, the one that she wore on The Today show, came right off the rack and it was made by H & M.  She looked stunning in it.  But then again, Michelle Obama would look beautiful in a brown sack because; she could figure out some way to accessorize it, and put her own sense of style to it!  What I like about this story is she doesn't care that she's not always dressed in designer clothes.  There's not sense of entitlement.  I just love that!


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