It obviously did not end well... for the woman that is.

MLive reports that the incident happened earlier this month when the 47-year-old woman, from Adrian, had plans on bringing the brownies to work for another employee's going away party. However, before things could get really crappy, someone tipped off the company about the woman's plans.

The company intervened, confiscated the suspect brownies and called police before the brownies could be eaten...

The suspect was taken in for questioning and eventually admitted that she baked a "cube" of laxatives into the brownie batch. The good news - she won't be facing any charges. The bad news - she was immediately fired.

So what's the reason for the laced brownies (and not the fun kind)? Apparently, there was some kind of tension between the woman and the employee whom the party was for. Let this be a reminder to be extra nice to your co-workers before the next potluck.

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