This is crazy, in Montcalm County’s Pine Township, township treasurer, Rachel Pitcher who was running unopposed was re-elected Tuesday to keep her job.  Why is that crazy if she was running unopposed?

Well as WOOD TV8 reports, back on September 26th she posted on Facebook she was now living in Alaska.  Not only that but residents also knew something was up because their September property tax checks weren't cashed which led to them receiving late fees. WOOD TV8 says Rachel told The Daily News in Greenville that she would return to Pine Township, but she still hasn't.  The township ended up adding Pine Township Supervisor, Edwin Hansen, to the bank account so the checks could be cashed.

During Tuesday's election, she still received over 600 votes to keep her job, which she obviously doesn't want. WOOD TV8 says she "easily beat a write-in candidate" as well.

Crazy that she didn't keep her move a secret and was still voted in.  Reminds me of the few times dead people have still been voted in, although a lot of that happened before social media, so it was probably harder for people to get the news timely.



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