Here's the thing about getting whupped on: it makes for great stories when you're older.

It Happened In The ACHA Playoffs

The Lake Superior State women's hockey team got off to a great start in pool play at the ACHA Division 2 playoffs with a resounding 22-1 win over Villanova in St. Louis.

That's right, this old-fashioned butt whupping happened in the playoffs, which makes one wonder what Lake State would do to the teams that Villanova defeated during the regular season.

Lake State is one of three state schools that have teams in the ACHA playoffs, which are for club sports. (Club sports are teams that are self-financed, as opposed to Varsity teams, which are funded by the university). The others are Northern Michigan University and Adrian College.

Lake Superior will play Rowan University Wednesday in the second game of pool play.

Goal Differential Is Important

Before you get all up on your high horse about sportsmanship and ethics, keep in mind that goal differential in pool play is important.

Pool play is when four teams are placed in a division and all play each other, with the top two teams moving on to the knock-out rounds.

If there is a tie between schools when determining who moves on in the playoffs, whoever has the largest goal differential in games played will move on, so if the other team is terrible, why not get as many goals as you can?

Some tournaments will cap the amount of goal differential you can get in a game at 6 or 7, but the ACHA doesn't, so you have games like this.

But Who Has The Better Story Later In Life?

I've been on both winning and crappy teams in my life, and unless you win a title (which I never did), the better stories come from when you get whupped on.

The sad truth that nobody wants to hear in our winning obsessed society is that being on a losing team can be fun.

I still will never forget the s*** baseball team I played for when I was 15. We lost every game we played and then had to play the best team from the best division to start the playoffs. They were the visiting team, so they got to bat first. They never stopped batting in the top of the first. The game was called to the time limit with them up 24-0 in the top of the first, and we never got to bat.

Which was probably a good thing because their scheduled starting pitcher was Curt Young. If his name is familiar, it's because he pitched for the Oakland A's in the major leagues.

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