If shopping online is your thing, then today is a glorious day! Shipt has come to West Michigan and partnered with Meijer!

Meijer home delivery starts today for many West Michigan locations and we were one of the first people to try it out!

We sat down this morning and put in one of the first Shipt orders in West Michigan!  As you can see from the photo, virtually nothing is off-limits!  We got boxed food, fresh dairy products, croissants and donuts from the Meijer Bakery, and even Clorox Bleach wipes to clean up after ourselves.

When your groceries arrive, they are bagged perfectly! You don't have to worry about squashed bread, cracked eggs, or food products being bagged with cleaning supplies. The Shipt shoppers are trained in all aspects of the shopping trip and will deliver an experience that you won't believe.

Chris, our Shipt shopper this morning, shot us a text when one of our ordered items was out of stock and offered up similar products we could choose as a substitute! So convenient!

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