Meghan Trainor has released her brand-new single 'Lips Are Movin,' and we are totally digging her feisty sass.

Not only does Meghan once again deliver the addictive, '60s pop chorus ("If your lips are movin', if your lips are movin', if your lips are movin' then you lie, lie, lie," she sings on the refrain) she also flaunts her seriously impressive rap skills.

"Boy look at me in my face, tell me you're not just about this bass," she spits on the first verse. And fortunately for us, that's not the last of the 'All About the Bass' references -- she also belts out, "I gave you bass / Saying you gave me sweet talk, saying I'm your number one." A reference to her smash becoming the longest number one hit for a female artist in 2014? Possibly.

Overall, we can't get enough of Meghan's Trainor's sweet, old-school sound -- especially when it's mixed in with the kind of saucy, "I'm-calling-you-out" attitude that she so perfectly embodies on the single.

Listen to 'Lips Are Movin' in the video above!

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