Super exciting news for fans of Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor! While it was already unveiled that Charlie's been signed to Atlantic Records (finally!), it looks like there's more news to get fans stoked for the year to come. According to a video shot by both Charlie and Meghan, the two collaborated on a track and will be setting it for release at some point in February. What!?

The video, posted above, shows the two of them announcing the news in the cutest way possible, so we can only hope for a song that's just as much fun. And considering what we know of both artists, we're pretty sure they'll be able to deliver.

An interesting fact about the upcoming song, titled 'Marvin Gaye'? This will be the first track Meghan cut vocals on without actually writing herself. She's typically very involved in the songwriting aspect of her music, so for her to record without writing is, as she puts it, a "big deal."

How excited are you guys to hear their upcoming track!? Check out their video above and let us know! February seriously can't come quick enough.

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