This is more big news for Grand Rapids. We already know that Perrigo is moving their corporate headquarters to downtown Grand Rapids in the Medical Mile. And now, the Right Place, Inc. and the City of Grand Rapids announce that global theranostics and radiopharmacy innovator Bold Advanced Medical Future Health (BAMF) will establish its corporate headquarters within Grand Rapids’ Medical Mile.

The company expects to add over 200 life science jobs and invest $30 million in its new facility, which is expected to contain the world’s most advanced cyclotron-equipped radiopharmacy, molecular imaging clinic and theranostics clinic.

Did you get all that? Me either, but this is REALLY BIG. For all you science heads, you'll understand this is the first-of-its-kind dual-cyclotron radiopharmacy that will produce

novel radiopharmaceuticals on-site so cancer patients will receive confirmed diagnosis and treatment in a cutting-edge theranostics clinic during their same day visit. The facility will also supply both diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and independent clinics in the West Michigan area.

The company will lease at least 35,000 SF in the new Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building, located within Michigan State University’s Grand Rapids Innovation Park at the Northeast corner of Monroe Avenue and Michigan Street.

The Grand Rapids clinic will be the home to never-before-seen theranostics treatment for cancer patients, especially those who are in late-stage. Potential cancer applications will start from prostate and neuroendocrine tumor and expand to breast, pancreas, lung, gynecological, colon, brain and pediatric oncology.

The BAMF Health Precision Medicine Platform is considered the first and only platform of its kind in the world, and Randy Thelen, president and CEO, The Right Place, Inc. said, “The technology and innovation that BAMF is bringing to the area of cancer detection and treatment, has the potential to save countless lives and significantly boost the global exposure of Medical Mile.”


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