Back in the heady days of the early 1990s the Midwest, or perhaps more specifically Chicago, was dominated by the Michael Jordan-era Bulls. McDonald's even created a special sandwich called the McJordan.

Do you remember it or, perhaps you never had the chance to try the McJordan because it was only available in Chicagoland. Here's what it was:

The McJordan was a cheeseburger served on a sesame seed bun. It had pickles, raw onion (the Quarter Pounder slices not the small diced of the standard burger) bacon and barbeque sauce.

McDonalds look a low key shot at other prominent teams of the era in their advertising including the LA Lakers and Detroit Pistons. The song created for the commercial starts, "LA is feeling blue and Detroit is the same way too, 'cause only one team can repeat..."

How to Custom Order the McJordan

You could come pretty close to special ordering a McJordan today. Custom order a cheeseburger on a sesame seed bun. Add pickles, onion and bacon then top with barbeque sauce as shown by YouTuber Brad Hall. One one thing might be amiss. You can see on the TV commercial above that the bacon is the old-style McDonald's circular bacon not the strips you'd get today if you tried to piece together the McJordan.

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Unlike the Hamburgler, he didn't steal away the McJordan. The 15 minutes of fame ran out on this item. And so it joins the giant heap of gone but not forgotten McDonald's menu items. Check out more food that you once were able to get under the Golden Arches.

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