Labor Day morning (September 5) at 8AM Mayor George Heartwell will lead the way across the Mackinac Bridge - right here in Grand Rapids. Okay, not exactly the Mackinac Bridge, but several other bridges here in town, along with the good old Grand Rapids scenery that links them. The Mayor heads out at 8 o'clock on a five mile walk called The Grand Crossings Bridge Walk, staring from Ah-Nab-Awen Park.

Anyone who wants to walk all or part of the way can do so, so long as you're sure you're able, with no sign-up necessary. The entire route is wheelchair accessible too.

Here is a press release about Grand Crossings, and a GR Now story that also gives the info about Labor Fest and some other goings-on in Grand Rapids for Labor Day.

The trip to walk the Mackinac is a Labor Day tradition for many, but this ought to save a lot of West Michiganders a lot of gas. But just in case you miss Big Mac, here's a lovely photograph.