One of the world's greatest chefs visited The Tonight Show last night for a cook-off with host Jimmy Fallon. Mario Batali and Jimmy Fallon competed to see who could make a better grilled cheese, and the competition was delicious.

With The Tonight Show's bandleader Questlove as the judge, Batali and Fallon both made what they thought was their best grilled cheese sandwich. Batali's sandwich included black truffles and honey, while Fallon's grilled cheese featured bacon and maple syrup.

The two gentlemen cooked valiantly, but there could only be one winner: Jimmy Fallon. Upon realizing who won, Questlove said, "Aw, I'm sorry Mario!"

The competition goes to prove that some of the tastiest foods don't have to be made with fancy, expensive ingredients. You can watch the full competition in the video below.

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