We all want to lose weight.  Okay, most of us.  And, we try all sorts of ways to drop those pounds and begin working out.

Sometimes the best way to commit to a workout regiment is to tell a bunch of people about it, and then let the fear of being labeled ‘The Guy Who Talks a Big Game About Getting Into Shape But Never Follows Through” take over.

That’s what St. Paul, Minnesota resident Scott Jorgenson is doing, times a few thousand.

Jorgenson, who is portly and admits he is out of shape, is in the middle of living for a month inside a glass apartment, situated in Minnesota’s famous Mall of America.  During his stay, Jorgenson will work out three-to-five times a day, under the watchful eye of all the mall’s patrons.

There is also a website where folks can track Jorgenson progress, and vote on what exercise Jorgenson should try next.

It’s all part of a greater Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota campaign to encourage people to get more exercise. Below, watch this local news report to learn more about Jorgenson’s life in a glass house.

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