I do not believe in accidents.  I really don't.  Some people are just meant to be winners and this is one of those stories.

Has there ever been a time when you bought a lottery ticket and it was a mistake?  Maybe a number was wrong, or maybe the clerk accidentally pushed the button one too many times, what do you do? Me, I just take the ticket because how many times have we heard that someone passed on the ticket and instead of voiding it the clerk or someone else buys it and wins!  I'm not particularly superstitious but still.

A Flint resident made a lucky mistake.  He bought a $10 Cash For Life lottery ticket in Bridgeport and he will be receiving about $4,000 per week for life.

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous (can you blame him), says he didn't even mean to make the purchase.  He thought he grabbed $10 out of his wallet but actually grabbed $20 and put it into the lottery machine.  He picked the $10 Cash for Life ticket because he only play $10 tickets but it wasn't even what he wanted.  He says he will use the money to live debt free from bills and mortgage payments and share the wealth with his family members.  Like I said, "Some people are just meant to win!"