Michigan as everyone learns in school is comprised of two peninsulas. After all, if you seek a pleasant one, look about you. But many more than two peninsulas comprise the state's coastlines.

One peninsula will take a starring role in the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse. It's a peninsula that is so unknown by Michiganders it's known as the Lost Peninsula.

Much of Lower Michigan will see a partial eclipse but not quite a totality. Even if it's above 90 percent of the sun that's eclipsed, it's not the true full experience. Unless you can find the Lost Peninsula.

See, the area of totality will just skirt the extreme southeast corner of Michigan in Monroe County. Adjacent Toledo, Ohio will be in totality.

The Lost Peninsula is a tiny jut of land that is only accessible from Ohio and presses into Lake Erie for just 2900 feet north of the MIchigan-Ohio border.

Lost Peninsula Map
Google Maps/Canva

Edgewater Drive is the only road into and out of the Lost Peninsula and much of the land is private property part of the Ottawa Shores homeowners association once you get north of Webster's Waterfront restaurant - the only establishment on the Peninsula and a place that holds the quirky distinction of having a Michigan mailing address and an Ohio phone number.

So if 90-some odd percent solar eclipse isn't enough, there is a spot you can find to still be in Michigan and experience the eclipse in totality - just be sure to do it safely.

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Info for Various Michigan Cities

A total solar eclipse will darken the skies over Michigan on April 8, 2024. Weather permitting, here's what to expect the eclipse to look like over several Michigan cities.

Gallery Credit: JR

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