As I was eating my chicken chimichanga from El Burrito Loco on Beltline, I realized this restaurant has become my "go-to" restaurant. Mexican style food is my favorite so it makes sense. I enjoy nibbling on the chips & salsa and sipping a margarita on the rocks, no salt, while I wait for my meal to arrive.

I typically get double beans, hold the rice, and the wait staff is now aware of this. I order the same thing every time and it never disappoints. It's moderately priced and consistent. It's close to home and satisfies my craving.

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Where do your favorite local radio personalities call their "go-to" restaurants? Let's find out...

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JoJo Girard from "The JoJo Show" on 98-7 WFGR frequents Maru Sushi & Grill. Located at 927 Cherry Street in Grand Rapids, JoJo claims it offers "The best sushi in the world"! He goes there for a "good meal with friends". He also takes first dates there to impress them. (Although he admitted that hasn't happened in a while.)

Entrees average about $15. Maru is the dream of Robert Song who left his career 12 years ago in pursuit of creating something he had been dreaming up for years.

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Andy Rent from "Andy in the Morning" on 100.5 The River has a stop he enjoys. He likes Cork Wine & Grill. Located at 1600 Galbraith Avenue SE, Cork Wine & Grill offers the freshest food and the largest wine list in the Grand Rapids area. Andy said he goes there for good food & drinks. It's close to home and he enjoys the ambiance.

They know Andy by name and he orders something different every time he visits which is about once per week. This week he had a delicious salad and a Buddah Bowl. From the menu: quinoa, roasted sweet potato, egg, toasted chickpeas, roasted broccolini, shaved carrot, red cabbage, avocado, tomatoes, baby kale, peanut-ginger dressing $15.

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Big Joe Pesh from "The Big Joe Show" on Mix 95-7 likes a breakfast stop. This makes sense since he gets up so early! He frequents Cherie Inn located just west of Eastown at 969 Cherry St. S.E. in Grand Rapids.

Big Joe says he usually orders the special and "loves the hazelnut coffee". He claims they recognize him but don't know him by name... yet. This breakfast and lunch eatery is the perfect spot for diners who appreciate homemade cuisine, professional service, and a sophisticated ambiance.

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Wendy Reed from "The Big Joe Show" on Mix 95-7 chose Logan's Alley as her "go-to" restaurant. She likes it because it's close to home and they open at 7am. She exclaimed the "food is super good!"

When Wendy walks in they bring her drinks over without an order. They know her there. She orders the same thing every time...either breakfast or the poutine. Located at 916 Michigan Street, breakfast is served all day. From the menu: LOGAN’S BREAKFAST* 6.25  EGGS TO ORDER ~ BACON ~ TOTS ~ TOAST **SMOTHER THE TOTS FOR AN EXTRA $3.50.

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Janna, midday host on 97.9 WGRD, likes to frequent Birch Lodge. Located at 732 Michigan Street NE in Grand Rapids, Birch Lodge specializes in delicious and reasonably priced cuisine & cocktails. They also have a great selection of beer & wine.

Janna went there on a first date with her now husband. She picked the location because it was close to home and she wasn't sure how the date would go. Janna likes to order 3-4 appetizers and eat tapas style. Janna said she likes the restaurant because they offer a large variety and she can get something different every time she goes. The Liquid Lunch host says they have tall-top tables although she enjoys a seat at the bar. She added, the jukebox is always cranking out good songs!

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What is your "Go-To" Restaurant?

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