In West Michigan, we're blessed to have the medical professionals at Spectrum Health. Doctors at Spectrum have been at the forefront of researching treatments for COVID-19 including using plasma therapy.

I was able to spend some time talking with Dr. Gordana Simeuonovic, who specializes in infectious diseases at Spectrum Health, about plasma therapy and how it's helping patients right here in West Michigan.

Spectrum is working in conjunction with Versiti Blood Centers to begin treating COVID-19 patients in West Michigan. Basically, they treat the patients with blood plasma from patients who have recovered from the disease. As of April 17, 2020, Spectrum had treated three patients using plasma therapy.

If you contracted COVID-19 and have since recovered and would like to donate your plasma to help, you can get more information on how to do so on Spectrum Health's website. Just scroll down and click on the "Convalescent Plasma Donation" tab.

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