Kids say the darnedest things, didn't last years headliner Bill Cosby say something like that?  We've been seeing a lot of adult humor but are you ready for the kids to take the stage?  Ready or not, it's happening Sunday at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  I think back to being a kid and I never would have had the nerve to perform at my own school let a lone in a very public setting.  But these middle school and high school kids will be looking for laughs on Sunday at the GRAM!

You'll hear and see stories and short essays.  310 students submitted their work, and judges picked 40 winners chosen to perform.

Local comedienne and writer, Allen Trieu, helped some of the kids fine tune their material.  His advice?

He told students, "They need to research their topic, even if it is just about hamsters.  It's funnier when you're clearly versed on the subject, and keep re-writing."

The Showcase is Sunday at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, click on above links for more.


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