It's snowing and there is some light snow covering the ground.  Okay, I know, if you're on the Lake Shore you have a wee bit more.  Alright, a LOT more.  At any rate, for those of you who thought you could wait a little longer to finish those leaves, TODAY is your last chance.  At least for Alpine Township.

Residents are asked to have their bagged leaves curbside by 6 a.m. today, November 26 for pick-up.

This service is available only in platted residential areas. Bags are available at the Alpine Township Office located at 5255 Alpine Avenue NW during office hours. Bags are $1.00 each or 11 for $10.00. Tags for bundled twigs are also available; the twigs should be no longer than 48” and 20” in diameter, weighing no more than 65 pounds.

For more information, call (616) 784-1262 or visit

For other West Michigan areas, better be calling your local government...quickly!