I saw this question pop up in the Nextdoor app, "where at in Grand Rapids, can I dispose of my live Christmas tree?"  Luckily you have a couple of options: have it picked up at your house (for a charge) or drop it off yourself at one of the city drop-off locations.

If you live in Grand Rapids between now and January 31st you can take your live tree to one of these drop-off locations, thanks to WZZM:

  • Riverside Park (north entrance), 2001 Monroe Ave. NE

  • MacKay-Jaycees Park, 2531 Kalamazoo Ave. SE

  • Lincoln Park, 231 Marion Ave. NW -- Drop the trees off in the west parking lot located on Garfield Street.

  • Huff Park, 2286 Ball Ave. NE

If you don't want to deal with the tree past getting out of your house and on the curb, you can do that too, you just need to get a "bulk yard waste" tag which you can get at Grand Rapids City Hall, 300 Monroe Ave. NW, at the Monroe-level customer service desk;  I also saw in the comments of the Nextdoor post that you can grab them at Ace Hardware and Meijer (at the customer service desk) as well, for $2.50 and then just have the tag on the tree and facing the road by 7 am on trash day, and they'll come grab it.

I did also see in the comments that there's a drop-off location north of Grand Rapids, in Alpine Township offices, at 6 Mile and Alpine Ave.


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