On the Morning Show this I have been giving away Tony Bennett's new album, 'Duets II.  It's a great CD and is setting sales records everywhere.

Bennett works with scores of talented artists on the album— but perhaps none as wildly popular as Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga.

Teaming up for a jazzy rendition of ‘The Lady Is a Tramp,’ Gaga gets the rare opportunity to show that she’s no studio creation — the chick can actually sing.

On the video for the track, Gaga dresses appropriately for the occasion in a long black lace gown, with minimal makeup and none of her normal attention-grabbing weirdness.

Well, she does have seafoam-green tresses, but they’re styled in a classic Marilyn Monroe bob. And really, for Lady Gaga, that’s her version of understated soccer-mom hair.

Bennett and the ‘Born This Way’ icon sound divine, and seem to be having a ball together. Check out their duet on a jazz standard below.