I've had Lots O' Early mornings this week waking up between 4:30am and 6am.  This weekend is going to be a catch up, stay in my jammy pants, watch movies with the kitties weekend. 

I just adore Emily Richett from Fox 17.  She is such a sweetheart.  For me the world is at her fingertips for the taking.  Such a talent.  Okay enough gushing.  In short, I admire her work.

Always fun when Em' and I do any events here in Grand Rapids.  And we have one coming up on May 7th at Rosa Parks Circle.  It's the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk."  Please get a team together and join us.  Emily and I will be taking the stage to get you organized at 8am.  The walk commences at 9am.  This is one of those events that will leave you feeling empowered.  You can actually see the difference YOU are making in the lives of others.

There will be a few tears, lots of laughs and most of all determination to raise funds and find a cure.  If you've never joined us before or if you have done other walks there is nothing keeping you from joining us on this one.  Come down and support your moms, sisters, girlfriends and even bring your dads and brothers along too.  It's a good time for a GREAT cause. 

Here's the video from this mornings segment I did with Emily on Fox 17 News at 7:25

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