If you thought the 'Baby Shark' craze was going anywhere, think again.

The Kellogg Company is releasing the official Baby Shark cereal beginning in August. Official because they actually teamed with Pinkfong, the evil geniuses South Korean company that created the viral hit. A spokesperson for Kellogg's confirmed the news to TODAY Food.

The 'berry fin-tastic' flavored rings are floating with marshmallows (not shark shaped, but that would be cool) and deliver a delicious splash of flavor that doesn’t miss the boat.

Kind of disappointing that the cereal isn't actually shark-shaped -- based on the box it looks more like Froot Loops. However, anything with marshmallows is considered a winner in my opinion.

You can buy the cereal starting August 17th at Sam's Club. It will also be available at Walmart in mid to late September. It will only be a limited edition release so get your shark teeth on it before supplies run out.

Earlier this month it was announced that 'Baby Shark Live' is coming to Michigan in November. You can get your tickets now.

Kellogg's also recently made headlines for coming out with a box that was half Cheez-Its and half wine.

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