Laura Ling, the name may sound familiar.  She was the journalist who was taken captive by North Korea a few years ago.  She and Euna Lee stepped into some uncharted territory near North Korea and China.  She and Euna were arrested, put in jail, tried and sentenced to 12 years hard labor in a North Korean prison camp.  Laura's sister Lisa Ling, who together with Laura  co-wrote the book Somewhere Inside, has spoken a bit about the capture with Oprah Winfrey.  Lisa was also responsible for making it her mission in life to get her sister and Euna freed from North Korea.  But that would take an order that came directly from Kim Jong il.  Laura shares with me her story of fear, faith and some of the thoughts and feelings she experienced during her captivity.  Hear her story on Faith Hope And Love Songs, Sunday morning 9-11am and Sunday Evening from 7-9pm EST.  100.5 The River in Grand Rapids and online too. This Is Good!