On the show Sunday morning from 9-11am and Sunday evening from 7-9pm is a guy who has been in the news a lot lately.  Both local news and he's even made national headlines this past week.  Why?  Because he's written a book that is causing some controversy among Christians. His name is Rob Bell.  I interviewed Rob Bell, Pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville Michigan, a while back.

The name of the book that is causing so much controversy and angst among Christians is, Love Wins:  A Book About Heaven, Hell and The Fate Of Every Person Who Ever Lived. Rob Bell has never been one to shy away from controversy.  His previous books, Sex God and Velvet Elvis caused a stir as well.

I found him to be intelligent, honest, tolerant and thought provoking.  I especially enjoyed the thought provoking part of his personality.  Whether you agree or disagree with him, this man will hopefully cause you to think more about what you believe in and what you don't believe in.  Baker Books, later this month, will be holding a discussion group about this book.  Could get heated!  They have ordered 500 advance copies to meet the expected demand.

The relationship we have with God is a very personal one.  Hatred and intolerance really don't play any part in it.  I don't find this book to be a discussion about Christian beliefs,  as much as it being a discussion about what this man thinks about and ponders.  I learned this lesson a long time ago.  Your preacher, minister or pastor is not God. He should not be placed on a pedestal.  He is a man first.  Man is subject to mistakes.  Man is not perfect.  But hopefully man, and woman, is always evolving, learning, exploring and questioning.  If anything, questioning your belief system will actually strengthen your relationship with Him.  Well, anyway, got a great show for you regardless.  I'll also be chatting with Toby Mac,  Building 429, Jonny Diaz and  Mark Schultz.  So enjoy Faith Hope and Love Songs Sunday morning and Sunday evening.  Lots of positive music mixed in too.  Nice positive way to start your week!