Chi Chi the baby howler monkey was born at John Ball Zoo in June. Chi Chi was the first mammal born at John Ball Zoo in about 5 years.

The zoo welcomed another baby monkey on August 7!

The new baby is a Colobus Monkey.  It was just introduced to the public. The monkey does not yet have a name.

WZZM has more:

On August 7, the zoo's Colobus Monkey, Becka, gave birth. Becka came to Grand Rapids from the Cleveland Zoo in June of 2010. Her mate Mac came from the Seattle Zoo a month later.

Zookeepers have maintained a hands-off approach right now, so they don't know if the baby is a boy or girl.

"Infant mortality is actually pretty high on Colobus Monkeys," said Hemmann. "We are optimistic because things are looking good so far."

Looking forward to another visit to John Ball Zoo!

Here's a video of Chi Chi the baby monkey.

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