This was funny ONLY because of how clueless these people were.  I understand the names sounding alike but in the old days I'm sure each of them would have heard in their little ear piece, "It's Osama, you just said Obama on the air", and the newsperson could correct themselves.  But it's not funny because this is what you get from cutbacks etc.  These people obviously had no safety person to catch the gaff!  Not one of them!  Unbelieveable that this could have happened so many times.  Doesn't say much for our media does it.  I don't know, but on a deeper level, something about this really disturbs me.  Is it just me, or anyone else feel this way?  I mean do you think that Dan Rather or Walter Cronkite would have said this back then and not have corrected themselves? ps If you're too young to know who those to guys are check them out on Wikipedia!