Sure, the Detroit Lions won a road game Sunday, but that only means it raises the expectation to be be disappointed again.

Being a Lions fan is to dwell in the land of continual disappointment. If we lose, it is in remarkable fashion; if we win, it only sets the table to be heart broken. Again.

It is a weird world where mediocrity is actually considered an accomplishment.

Actor Jeff Daniels appeared last week on the Rich Eisen show on the NFL Network, mainly to promote his movie, 'The Comey Rule', which debuted on the Showtime Network Sunday night.

But, since it is the NFL Network, Eisen and Daniels got into the futility of Jeff's lifelong love of the Lions, and the heartbreak that entails: mainly, constant frustration.

When asked by Eisen if he is still a fan after losing the first two games, Daniels, responded,

Well, they're on in the background. It's hard to sit there, you know, leaning forward into the television set when you know you're gonna get your heart broken, so sometimes you leave them on in the event that something crazy happens...

And to think his Lions fandom started with his love of a wide receiver named Gail Cogdill, a man who cursed the franchise before leaving saying,  "I feel dead around here. I used to enjoy playing football but not anymore. I've lost all my incentive."

That sounds about right.

Here's a clip of the conversation.

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