Jasmine V wouldn't mind if Fifth Harmony pied her in the face.

"I love food," she joked, confirming that she's just as sweet and down-to-earth as her fans think.

Needless to say, we were pretty much obsessed when Jasmine V stopped by the PopCrush office in New York to give us the details on her tour with 5H, her upcoming album and the amazing (and hilarious!) interactions she has with her Jasminators. 

How’s the tour going so far?
It’s going great. We’re actually almost done. Today will be the last one of the four that we’re doing. So we have today at the Best Buy Theater, then we have Boston and two shows in [Pennsylvania] and then it’s back to L.A.

What’s your favorite part?
Besides catering? Just kidding. I love catering, I’ve always loved catering. It would have to be just the experience of being on the road with my close friends. Everybody I’m touring with are my close friends, down to my videographer, my older brother being my road manager and my dancers and everything. It’s been a lot of fun. Acts like Fifth Harmony, Mahogany Lox, Jacob [Whitesides] — they’re all really, really sweet. Really talented. And we’re all so different that it really works out for the show.

Fifth Harmony have been known to pull pranks on tour.
They have never pranked me! Nobody’s been pranked on the tour.

Didn’t they pie Demi Lovato?
Oh, god. That’s kind of cool. I love food, so I would have been so excited. I would have been like, “Yes! Free pie!”

Do you have any good stories from being on the road?
Every city is different, from the venues and the fans I meet. A lot of fans yell a lot of crazy things. I’ve been getting a lot of “Mom,” getting to be called “Mom” a lot lately in the crowd … Like “Oh, my god, MOM!” … Other than that, I’ve had a lot of fans encounters where fans come up to me and they cry. It’s hard for me because I don’t know what to say. To be able to meet fans that you only see on Twitter and to be able to put the face to the username is kind of cool.

My phone got stolen in Miami. That was actually great. That was the highlight of everything. But other than that, we’ve just been making memories. Chilling backstage, being able to meet a lot of fans. It’s been great. We went to Toronto. The first show was in San Francisco, which is my hometown. I’m from San Jose, so I got to see my family.

Looking at your Twitter, your fans connect with you so well. Is there one fan moment that stuck with you?
Every three shows we put out an episode of the three shows mashed up together for everybody to see the whole experience from tour. One girl I had met came up to me and she — it’s in the video — she couldn’t talk and she was crying. She’s like “I can’t breathe. This is the best day of my life.” And I got to meet her.

There’s two girls that I actually got to meet at the end of the show. I sat and talked to them after the meet and greet was over for like 45 minutes. We were just talking, taking pictures, having fun. It was her birthday. So being able to really talk to them and relate with them, because they buy a ticket to come see you. The most you can do is sit down and talk to them and ask how they like the show. You have a lot of fans that come up and start twerking and doing all of these crazy steps. Some girl asked me to sign her boob. It was my first time signing a boob! It’s really crazy.

Do you have any weird fan encounters? Besides signing boobs, of course.
That’s definitely the top one for me. Besides fans coming up and … they say a whole lot of inappropriate things [when I’m] onstage. Things I probably can’t re-say. But it definitely catches me off-guard. When I’m performing, there’s a time where you stop singing and you’re talking to the crowd and they’ll yell some stuff. I’ll just be like “Alright, cool!” It’s funny, though. It’s really funny. They actually post videos of it all the time. They’ll hold signs up and everything.

I love the cover of "Uptown Funk" you did with Fifth Harmony. How did that come about?
I think the girls picked the song. It was funny because it just came out around the time we recorded it, so when they picked the song and they told us what we were going to do, we had to go to the studio to record it, I didn’t know the song at all. I was freaking out. I was like “What am I going to do? I don’t know the song.” It was going to be bad. I didn’t even know what part I was going to be singing, so I thought I was going to be doing the whole song and they were just going to pick bits and pieces.

I ended up going, I recorded it and I was reading the lyrics the same day we had to record the video. I was praying I wasn’t going to mess up. But it only took like two takes! It was really fun though. That was when I first met the girls for the first time ever, was at “Uptown Funk.” Mahogany was there. Jacob was on tour, so he did his somewhere else … But they made me feel so welcome! They’re like “Hiiiii!”

Fifth Harmony are awesome.
They’re really, really sweet.

I wanted to put a buzz record out there for my fans, to keep feeding them different content so they have something to look forward to.

I loved hearing you sing with them. You should just guest with Fifth Harmony.
Like Sixth Harmony?

Yes! Speaking of collaborations, you just released “One Night” with Jeremih and Problem. It’s really different from some of the stuff you’ve released before.
Yeah, I put out “That’s Me Right There” with Kendrick [Lamar] and “One Night,” it was a song I had that Jeremih wrote — it’s featuring Jeremih and Problem. I wanted to put it out for a little while. I’d been performing it on tour even before I put it out, so the fans already wanted to hear it, but they could only hear the version of me performing … It’s a little different, but I wanted to be able to put a buzz record out there for my fans to listen to while I’m on tour and keep feeding them different content so they have something to look forward to.

You’re working on a new album. Does “One Night” indicate what fans can expect?
After the tour is over, I’m going back to L.A. and I’m going to be in the studio, so we’re going to create all new music. At the same time, “One Night” is sort of what’s going to be on the album. I just want it to be a mixture of so many things, that’s just kind of one.

What other elements are there?
Well, some of the songs off my EP are going to be on there and we’re going to have a lot of uptempo songs. I’m so strong about the slow songs and the ballads because they’re so powerful for me, and I love to really get into those songs. Especially my fans, being able to go and use real life experiences. It’s perfect for slow songs. So now I want to be able to put turn-up music, for everybody to dance to and stuff. It’s going to be a lot more dance-y.

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