The Detroit Lions are making everyone happy this season, including Eminem.

Eminem has an idea of how he can help the Detroit Lions win their playoff game.

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Could Eminem Help The Detroit Lions Win A Playoff Game?

With Slim Shady's help, the Lions may be heading to the Super Bowl.

Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions

Eminem posted on his Instagram page informing the Detroit Lions' head coach Dan Campbell about the few things that he thinks will help his beloved team get this major win.

At the beginning of the video, the rapper shares,

"Yo, Dan! I’m reporting! I’m gonna report, third quarter. I’m reporting, offensive line. Eligible receiver. I’ll be the quarterback. The entire line, offensive line […] and I will throw it to myself, and I will score a touchdown. In the third quarter.”

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
Getty Images

He continues on by saying that the team needs to

"give me a uniform.  Or, at least, just, like, a helmet. I already have a helmet.”

He ends off by saying that the helmet he has is not equipped for football.

“It’s not the one for football. It’s just a helmet.”

The rapper also claims that he will be the entire offensive line and score a touchdown in the third quarter.

You can see the full video below.

Eminem's Love For The Detroit Lions

This is not the first time Eminem has shown love to the Lions.

On January 14th, Eminem and Big Sean made headlines after pulling up to Ford Field to cheer the Lions on.

Thanks to the teams, the fans, and maybe Eminem's presence, the Lions won against the Rams 24-23.

Do you think the Detroit Lions will go all the way to the Super Bowl?

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