A Farmington Hills man says an Amazon driver made himself at home while delivering a package last week, and he's not exactly pleased.

What Are the Details?

David Boggs ordered some eclipse glasses for next month's solar eclipse. When the delivery driver dropped off the package, he stepped inside the man's home. Strangely enough, he dropped the package outside the door before letting himself in.

Boggs - who was in the other room getting ready for work - heard that door and grew concerned that his cat had escaped.

"As I come around the corner, in my socks and my boxers, I see a man halfway into my house, ski mask on, taking pictures," Boggs tells Detroit's Fox 2. "I make eye contact with him, and he looks at me, and his words were ‘Oh sh*t.'"

Boggs went on to say that the man scurried out the door and ran for his vehicle.

He notes that the situation could have gotten ugly because he owns two large pit bulls.

"If they had bit [sic] him, now I'm the one in trouble even though he's in my house," Boggs said. "(I was also) worried about my safety."


Amazon Was Not Helpful

Boggs tells the TV station he contacted Amazon customer service but found them to be anything but helpful. He says he spent an hour on the phone with a representative - who offered him $70 and a recommendation that he buy a home security system.

The representative (unhelpfully) sent an email and attached a link to buy a home security system.

Boggs then contacted local police, but they said their hands are tied because the driver didn't steal anything or do anything violent.


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