If you're not watching Bluey you're doing it wrong!

The award-winning kids TV show featuring the beloved Blue Heeler "Bluey"  originated in Australia but has since taken over U.S. airwaves-- and our hearts.

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Now, I happen to be kid-free myself but I've watched (and listened) as my now 7 year old niece has made her way through some of the most popular kids shows currently in the mainstream. Let me just say: it's been rough.

Parents, I don't know how you do it 24/7! We went through Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Vampirina, Gabby's Dollhouse...and don't even get me started on Fancy Nancy! That girl drove me up the wall. That's why Bluey is such a welcome respite.

Trust me, Bluey is one of the good ones.

I was so excited to see worlds collide when a clip from a recent football game between Indiana's Purdue University and Ohio State went viral when the hosting team's marching band brought the music of Bluey to life.  As a former band geek I always appreciate a good marching band routine; even more so when it's my favorite, I mean, my niece's favorite children's show.

The Bluey theme may be short, but it sure is catchy! YouTuber Justin B's (@jbee3) :15 second clip of the Purdue University marching band's performance has been viewed over 21,000 times and shared on national news sources, even making its way back to the land down under!

Shares Australian Community Media,

A marching band from Purdue University in the US state of Indiana has delighted the crowd with a performance of the Bluey theme song during an American college football half-time show.

Enjoy the video below:

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