Something very strange is happening at Little Caesar's on Lewis Avenue in Toledo, Ohio and residents are very angry.

Last Thursday employees of this Little Caesar's location were shocked to find out they were all fired with no explanation.  The owner of the restaurant allegedly showed up fired everyone, forced them out, and changed the locks.  What happened next made the situation even stranger.  A sign was taped to one of the front-facing windows that said, "Glass City Goat Rental Coming Soon."

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Next thing you know, three new signs have appeared in the window that read, "Goat Rental Cancelled," "I Could Not Get Zoning," and "Little Caesar's Will Reopen in 2 weeks."

The former employees are left scratching their heads as they are unemployed with no explanation.  To make matters worse, "now hiring" signs litter the streets nearby as the restaurant is planning to reopen.  However, some people are finding humor in the Facebook comments.  Victoria Stamper posted a photo she took of a sign taking an anti-goat stance.  Nothing against the goats I'm sure.

To make this situation even more confusing, the owner who will not comment on the story has posted a video showing his signs on this personal TikTok where he goes by 'Dogg of Wall Street.'  In the comments of that video he said, "Goat Yoga is Blowing Up."

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