I have to admit, I'm a little late to the party on this one.

Am I the only person in Michigan, or better yet the entire country, who hasn't heard of Karen Dione?! Apparently I missed the hottest psychological thriller book of 2017 and its theatrical release almost got past me too-- almost.

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Although Dione was born in Akron, Ohio she spent most of her life growing up here in Michigan and often features local landmarks in her works! According to her website the international bestselling thriller author,

draws heavily on her homesteading adventures in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to write her wilderness thrillers.

Perhaps you've heard of her book The Marsh King's Daughter? If you don't consider yourself to be much of a reader that's ok, the film adaptation of her book is set to be released in theaters nationwide starting tomorrow, November 3!

The Marsh King's Daughter
via Lionsgate

Of the film Upper Peninsula publication The Newberry News writes,

The Marsh King’s Daughter, a film adaptation of the book written by Karen Dionne, will hit movie screens on November 3. The book was set in the Newberry area and many local names and landmarks were written into its pages. Dionne lived west of McMillan on M-28 for years, and made it big with this wilderness survival thriller. “I’m absolutely over the moon!” Dionne said.

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Starring actors Daisy Ridley and Ben Mendelsohn the Lionsgate production tells the story of, "a woman seeks revenge against the man who kidnapped her mother." I don't want to say much more or look into the story too closely because I haven't read the book so it's all new to me! No spoilers, please.

Psychological thriller is my top favorite movie genre and I feel like it's been too long since one has really captured my attention; that may have been 2014's Gone Girl, which was also was originally a book by author Gillian Flynn.

I can't wait to experience this story for the first time as it plays across the big screen. Check out the trailer below:

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