The Giacolone crime family is still low-key doing business in Detroit, Michigan.

The Motor City Mafia, a Detroit crime family partnership, has been in operation since 1930.  However, mafia organizations have been running for over 100 years in Detroit starting sometime in the late 1800s.

Anthony “Tony Jack” Joseph Giacalone also known as "The Irishman" and his brother Billy Jack Giacolone allegedly had something to do with the disappearance of Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa in 1975 according to an FBI report released in July of 2023. Jack "Jackie the Kid" Giacalone, the son of Billy Jack and nephew of The Irishman also allegedly served as the leader of this crime family for many years.  Jackie the Kid did things a bit differently as he kept a low profile.  Back in the day, mobsters were quick to show off. Jack has taken a step back to be with his sick daughter according to a crime podcast called The Sit Down.

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Jackie the Kid reportedly won a nearly $30 million settlement after suing an ambulance company for negligence that led to his daughter's brain damage.  Jackie the Kid is still considered the family boss as underboss Anthony "Chicago Tony" LaPiana allegedly runs the day-to-day operations.  According to these were the family members in the partnership with the Giacalone family.


  • Boss — Jack "Jackie the Kid" Giacalone
  • Street Boss — Peter "Specs" Tocco — also serving as Consigliere
  • Underboss — Anthony "Chicago Tony" LaPiana
  • Consigliere — Peter "Specs" Tocco — also serving as Street boss


  • Joseph "Joey Jack" Giacalone
  • Joseph "Joe the Hood" D'Anna
  • David "Davey the Doughnut" Aceto
  • Eugene "Gene" Baratta


Paul "Big Paulie" Corrado — possible acting capo. He is the son of former Detroit mobster Anthony Corrado

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