There are sidewalk prophets and street corner preachers, and then there's Sister Cindy. Over the weekend, the (possibly) unintentionally hilarious Sister Cindy was in Kalamazoo over the weekend to encourage Western Michigan University students to join the "HoNoMo" movement.

This is where I should warn you that this article is going to make plenty of sexual references as Sister Cindy's, er, sermons (?) center around encouraging college students to not sleep around or engage in taboo sexual acts. Of course, college students, and TikTok viewers, have the maturity of a grapefruit and nearly everything that comes out of Sister Cindy's mouth is uncomfortably explicit to a hilarious degree.

Sister Cindy was at Western Michigan on Saturday to spread the good message to a group of over-eager Broncos.

A few in attendance shared videos of some of her best moments.

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As a college student, Sister Cindy was a promiscuous young woman who enjoyed the revelries of college parties at the University of Florida. An encounter with Brother Jed, a preacher himself, changed her life entirely. After a brief career in journalism, Sister Cindy moved on to campus ministry before eventually touring campuses across the country.

Sister Cindy blew up on TikTok after a trip to LSU with her unforgettable (and raunchy) margarita parable.

In true TikTok fashion, a trend of a musical remix was made from the Sister Cindy margarita story.

Sister Cindy has been to Michigan State University and the University of Michigan before, though they don't appear on her tour of the Midwest this time around, as she'll head to California in mid-October after stops at Kent State, Bowling Green and a few Indiana and Illinois campuses.

If you want to know more about Sister Cindy and her work, you can visit her website here. For those touched by her sermons more appropriately than others, her bible study is also available here.

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