What's Halloween without a haunted mansion that will have your skin crawling? Michigan has plenty of haunted attractions across the state, some more terrifying than others, but this haunted mansion in Detroit was named the most haunted house in the state.

24/7 Tempo recently put together an article naming the creepiest haunted houses in each state across the United States and their choice for Michigan is a spooky choice. Built in 1984, resting on the famous Woodward Ave., the David Whitney House, also known as the Whitney Mansion, is Michigan's most haunted house.

Wikipedia Commons By Michael Barera
Wikipedia Commons By Michael Barera

Before we get to why it's believed to be haunted, a few facts about this monstrous house:

  • The house is 21,000 square feet
  • It has 52 total rooms, including 10 bathrooms
  • The mansion is adorned with 218 windows and 20 fireplaces
  • The dining room holds a secret vault (because of course it does)
  • The three-story mansion has an elevator

The mansion is named after its owner, David Whitney Jr. Whitney moved to Detroit in 1857 from Massachusetts at just 27 years old having made millions in his lumber company. Whitney was considered one of the wealthiest citizens in all of Michigan, let alone just Detroit. His interests in real estate and involvement with the Detroit Athletic Club lent him further notoriety.

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

Of course, Whitney's fantastic beginnings are the setup for a ghastly tale within the home. Whitney passed away in the house in 1900, just six years after its construction., at the age of 70. With the famous tales of the home, it appears Whitney wanted to enjoy his home in the afterlife after having it for such a short time in the mortal plane.

Who could really blame him? The house cost him an estimated $400,000, which is adjusted to roughly $13 million today.

Whitney died of a heart attack in the home. His second wife, Sara, the sister of his previous late wife, Flora (who played a major role in having the house built), also died in the home, though it was 17 years after David.

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No grizzly murder, no shenanigans against their estate. They simply passed away after living quite a successful life. However, some 70 years later, when the building was being renovated into what it is today, there were several reports of hauntings within the mansion.

Ghost sightings, suspected to be David Whitney, have been reported, as well as some other strange activity such as table settings being moved all on their own. The most significant example of haunting is the elevator's tendency to operate without any passengers.

And maybe that's why the Whitney Mansion is so creepy - there's no reason it should be haunted. There's no reason it should have such a chilling air about it. But it does, and it's been respected for it on national television both by Ghost Hunters and Most Terrifying Places in America.

Wikipedia Commons By By Andrew Jameson
Wikipedia Commons By By Andrew Jameson

Today, the building operates as a restaurant. The Whitney is a fine dining experience and the GhostBar on the first floor is famous for its "Witching Hour Martini" and is more relaxed, casual environment. The home is a historical sight in Michigan and on the national registry, both being designated in the early 70s, long before any suspicion of hauntings.

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