As the winter months approach, many people, including myself, are like 'What are some things to do if there is snow on the ground?'

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Well, apparently there is plenty to do throughout the entire winter season right here in Grand Rapids.

You do not have to travel far at all.

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Visit any of the indoor or outdoor ice skating rinks

If you want to live out your best "Blades of Glory," or "Ice Princess" dreams, there are plenty of opportunities to ice skate in Grand Rapids.

Thinkstock/ Vit Kovalcik
Thinkstock/ Vit Kovalcik

In the downtown area, the Rosa Parks Circle Ice Rink is a popular choice if you want to skate or just watch people fall on their butts.

Besides the Rosa Parks Circle, you can try out the Patterson Ice Center, Eagles Ice Center, or Griff's IceHouse at Belknap Park.

Go sledding down a Grand Rapids hill

I have never gone sledding, so this might be the perfect opportunity for me.

It's the best way to enjoy the snowy vibes without breaking the bank.


Awesome Mitten suggests these popular hills for the perfect sledding day.

  • Manhattan Park in East Grand Rapids
  • Mulick Park in Southeastern Grand Rapids
  • Richmond Park in Northwestern Grand Rapids
  • Belknap Park in Northeastern Grand Rapids
  • Mary Waters Park in North-Central Grand Rapids

Watch a Grand Rapids Griffin hockey game

This is another activity that I have not had the pleasure of attending. However, I am a big sports fan.

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Van Andel Arena will be your new home if you love hockey and want to support the home team.

The Griffins' games start around late October until sometime in April.

Check out the schedule to buy your tickets.

If you do not want to outside for winter fun, here are things you can do that are not outside