A dog named Mishka, who had been missing from California since the summer, was found more than 2,000 miles away in Harper Woods, Michigan.

She was discovered by someone who contacted local police, They then brought her to the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society.

The group quickly identified Mishka through a microchip containing contact info about her owner, Mehrad Houman, and his family.

Dog Missing In California Found 2,000 Miles Away In Michigan

Houman and his family, were in Minneapolis at the time, were notified of the discovery, and Mehrad drove 10 hours to Michigan to reunite with his beloved pet.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Mishka had disappeared from Houman's workplace in July, and the family had been searching for her since then.

When she was found, she was clean and well-fed, indicating that whoever had found her had taken good care of her.

Credit: Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS) via Facebook
Credit: Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS) via Facebook

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Veterinarian Nancy Pillsbury, who examined Mishka, gave her a rabies shot and cleared her to travel home to California.

The family expressed gratitude for the person who found Mishka and for Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society that made the reunion happen.

They were also amazed at how Mishka had managed to travel such a long distance and wondered how she had made it to Michigan.

For now, it looks like Mishka is the only one who knows what happened.

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