Could you imagine waking up to enjoy a nice cup of coffee on your deck to look out at Lake Michigan and realize a dead naked guy is lying on the beach? It happened.

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Seeing a Dead Body (Note: Pictures below are actors and not actual dead people)

Seeing a dead person is something that is not for everyone.

I have seen three in person that were not at a funeral but still waiting for police to arrive and it sticks with you whether you know them or not. Two of them I saw while driving and every time I drive by either of those spots I always think of those people.

I get a reminder of one dead body every day when I go to and from work. A few years ago, a person committed suicide in front of where I work. I think of that person daily as I walk to and from my car. I couldn't imagine what that would be like if it were in my backyard.

Woman Spots Naked Man Dead On Lake Michigan Beach In Allegan County

According to FOX17, Sally Tyler was enjoying a cup of coffee on her deck enjoying the view of Lake Michigan when she spotted something on the beach that she thought was an animal.

Tyler went with her dog down to the beach to take a closer look and before getting too close she realized it was the body of a man and that is when she phoned the Allegan County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff's deputies arrived at the private beach area that is located off Lakeshore Drive between West Side County Park and Pier Cove Park in Ganges Township. Investigators are treating this case as suspicious and have not identified who the man is yet. The Allegan County Sheriff's Office asks if you know anything about this case to contact them at 269.673.0442.

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