That headline is enough to make one do a double-take, and sadly it is exactly how it sounds. After moving from Tennessee to Michigan, he attempted to enroll at the local high school where a student he was talking to online was attending. The lengths he went to try being with this student are nothing short of delusional.

Tennessee to Michigan

The man in question is 21-year-old Kevin Flick of Fort Campbell, Tenn. Kevin packed his bags and flew to Grand Rapids before heading north to Mason County, where he met up with the student and attempted to enroll at Mason County Central High School as a 17-year-old student. The age of the victim has not been released, but considering Flick attempted to enroll as a minor, it is safe to assume the victim was also a minor.

Mason County Sheriff's Department

Thankfully, a worker at the school saw Flick's application, grew suspicious, and called the police where they discovered "the fake names and dates of birth" that led them to find Flick's real identity. He has since been arrested and arraigned on charges of child sexually abusive activity, child sexually abusive material, and two counts of computer-using to commit a crime.

Sheriff Kim Cole of the Mason County Police Department thanked the diligent work of her MCC employees, Deputy Postma, and the detectives on the case. She also issued a warning to parents via UpNorthLive:


I would strongly encourage parents to have conversations with their children about the dangers of online chatting and the sharing of information over the internet or social media platforms.


Your kids must remain safe online. If you want helpful guidelines to discuss with them, you can find some here. Flick's bond has been set at $5,000 or 10% bond.

Hacker working on laptop in the dark


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