Even if there are signs and barriers, there's always a driver who thinks they can go right on through...

And well, then this is what happens.

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This is a good reminder to us all to pay attention while driving, especially with all the debris and downed trees and power lines after the storms!

Earlier this week in a post to Facebook, the Cutlerville Fire Department shared a photo of a Jeep stuck on a set of train tracks.

Cuterlville Fire Department, Facebook
Cuterlville Fire Department, Facebook

They remind the public that the train tracks at 68th St. are indeed under construction and impassible.

So the best way to get around the construction, depending on your destination, will be to take Division Avenue or Clyde Park Avenue north or south to avoid the closure.

They say they are thankful there were no injuries reported during this incident.

Ooh boy, people are having fun in the comments.

Mike says,

You can't park there!

Don writes,

It's a Jeep. Shouldn't they be able to drive right over it? Lol

Brianna says,

This indeed was not a shortcut.

Nope! Sure wasn't!

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