There is always something new and exciting at the Grand Rapids Public Museum as their creative team never leaves a stone unturned to find and create fascinating exhibits. This new one sounds fantastic!

It's called POPnology, and is a fully immersive exhibit that will take visitors through over a dozen interactive elements that help create a connection between pop culture and technology. This is so exciting, and opens this Saturday, May 22.

There will be iconic replicas featured throughout the exhibit including, yes, something from "Back to the Future," the one and only.....
• DeLorean time machine

Also you'll find:
• Jetpack from Disney™’s The Rocketeer
• Autopia car from Disney™’s Tomorrowland
• Artistic renderings from visual futurists who created the look of Blade Runner™, Star Wars™, Alien™ and much, much more!

The exhibit will require an additional ticket as well as general admission, and they highly recommend buying advance tickets to make sure you get to see everything you want to see.



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