It was a special day at Cedar Springs High School yesterday because it was Drive Your Tractor to School Day! Honestly, what a great thing to do!

Cedar Springs, famously known Red Flannel capitol of the world, is also a rural farming community, and obviously there are a lot of tractors around. So, why not. Okay, not every day, but as the school system did, make it a special day and a way to honor the farming community. Our local farmers are a huge part of our life in Kent and Ottawa Counties, although not quite as much anymore.

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Tractor Day is the culmination of National Future Farmers of America Week, which takes place every February.

Tuesday was Drive Your Tractor Day in Reed City, and many other communities throughout the Midwest. It's tradition, and all involved are proud of it. Why shouldn't they be. We all should honor and be proud of all of our farmers. We take them for granted, living in the city, but no way will we or our economy survive without a healthy farming community.

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However, Tractors aren't the only things that get ridden to school I don't know if Cedar has done this, but other school districts, maybe more up north, the Upper Peninsula, and the like, have had a ride your snowmobile to school day. What fun!

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Ride Your Tractor to School Day! The kids are always "geeked" to do this. Pretty sure they wash and polish their tractor before riding it school. Come on, you're proud of your very expensive machine. Wouldn't you?


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