Camper cabins are a popular way to enjoy a night at a Michigan state park. Take a look inside the Beacon camper cabin at Holland State Park and learn more about Michigan's camper cabins.

Want to stay at a Michigan state park camper cabin this summer? Availability is limited. Plan for next summer and you'll have a better chance at the location and dates you'd prefer. Reservations are accepted up to one year in advance.

Camper cabins are available at these Michigan state parks:

Camper cabins sleep six and are 400 square feet. They have electricity, a small refrigerator, a microwave, a table, chairs, a fire ring, a grill, a coffee pot and not much else. Prices vary from $65 to $120 per night. Many are $86 per night.

Here's a look at the typical floor plan for a camper cabin:

Other camping options available at Michigan state parks include mini cabins, yurts, rustic cabins, teepees, pop-up cabins and more.

Our stay at the Beacon camper cabin in Holland was a good one despite the rain. In fact, maybe it was even better because of the rain. Having a solid home to retreat to when the weather turns bad is a welcome option.

We were frequently visited by a family of five deer during our brief one-night stay, including two fawns.

Camper cabins are another great way to enjoy Michigan state parks, just be prepared to pack. Camper cabins provide electricity and a solid roof, but not much else.